Jamie Oliver 5 ingredients Cook Book – Review

After hearing all the hype about the new Jamie Oliver cook book, simply named “5 Ingredients”  I  purchased one for myself from Amazon.

The idea is these are quick and simple meals you can make, each one using only 5 ingredients. The idea intrigued me so I decided to plan 5 days worth of evening meals straight from the book. The book is divided into sections, so I chose a meal from the categories: Eggs, Beef, Fish, Pork and Lamb. There are also section on Chicken, Vegetables, Pasta and Desserts. I headed off to the supermarket and easily found all the ingredients needed for these meals. There was nothing I had to google to find out what it was, as is the case with some recipe books. Whilst you are shopping, bear in mind that the book assumes you’ll have some basic ingredients not listed in the 5 things. Such as Olive oil, salt, pepper and red wine vinegar. I hadn’t realised this and so ended up having to use red wine in place of red wine vinegar, which I can assure you I was more than happy about. Again to point out some of these meals are for 2 and some for 4 so you may need to adapt them accordingly.

The recipes I made were:

Spring Lamb, we both agreed that this was our favourite, the meat was perfectly done using the timings given and all the flavours mixed together beautifully. I’d never thought to put pesto with lamb before but I certainly will in future. This was very easy to make and whilst none of mine look anywhere near as good as the picture, I believe it tasted exactly as it should have and we gave this one a 10/10

Sizzling Seared Scallops, this one was also fab, potatoes mashed with peas and mint topped with scallops and black pudding, really what’s not to like? again really easy to follow. I would warn you that this is a slightly small portion if this is all your having for an evening meal. That said you’d not want more of it due to richness. If I was to make this again, I would also cook some green vegetables to accompany it. So for this one it’s 8/10

Italian Seared Beef, for me this was a joint favourite, but Matthew didn’t like the beef with the other flavours and felt it would have been better with chicken. Personally again I loved this, the combination of flavours, the medium cooked steak and the pine nuts, delicious and easy. As with the previous meal I’d add more vegetables next time. So Matthew gave this 7/10 and I gave it 9/10

Sticky Pork Stir fry, this was lovely again, really struggle to fault it, super easy to make, although it didn’t turn out looking anything like the picture. The spring onions shrank down to nothing, maybe I added them too soon. I served this with boiled rice as I didn’t feel like it was a meal in its own right. Again we gave this one 8/10

Smokey Mushroom Frittata, we were not overwhelmed with this one at all, by far the weakest dish of the week. Again super easy to make and recipe very easy to follow, just compared to the others there was no wow factor here at all. It didn’t taste bad, it just wasn’t special. If a friend cooked this for me, I’d happily eat it, but it’s not something I’ll be rushing to make again. However unlike some of the others this was a very large portion and very filling. So we came to a score of 5/10


Over all I would highly rate this book. I am excited to try out some of the other meals over the next few weeks. None of the things I cooked took over 25 minutes, so if you’re like me and want something quick and easy to cook when you get in from work this is for you. Also every meal we made was under 500 calories per portion which is a bonus as I didn’t feel any of them tasted like low calorie meals.

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What are your favourite meals to make?

Em x



  1. May 31, 2018 / 12:05 pm

    All those dishes sound delicious, especially the Sizzling Seared Scallops, yummy!

    • Em x
      May 31, 2018 / 3:22 pm

      I really recommend the book, it’s such an easy way to make some quite impressive dishes x

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